How to use the Way2Go App

17 August 2021

The Way2Go App is powered by BetterPoints, an award-winning rewards and behaviour change platform that has been used internationally for transport, health and sustainability. The Way2Go App is simple to use once it is set up right, which should be quick and easy if you follow the steps when prompted through the registration process. Below are a few things to look out for and some guidance to help you resolve some of the issues that can prevent the app from working properly.


The Way2Go App requires access to your Location and Motion & Fitness information. This is purely so that your journeys are auto-tracked correctly and all data is secure and anonymised. We never share personally identifiable information and GPS data is only used to improve travel provision to Heathrow to make life easier for colleagues and passengers.

You will be prompted to grant the necessary permissions during registration but if you don't grant them then, it's easy to go back and fix it. On an iPhone, simply open settings, scroll down to the Way2Go App, turn on Motion & Fitness and set Location to 'Always'.

On Android, open Settings, tap 'Apps and notifications', select Way2Go and set location to 'All the time' and 'Physical activity' to 'Allow'.

Battery Usage

We've done a lot of work to minimise battery usage and it is much lower than many tracking apps, however we recommend charging your phone overnight once you have optimised your settings for the Way2Go app, to ensure all your journeys are tracked and rewarded and you have plenty of juice for calls and other apps.

Confirming your trips

The Way2Go App automatically detects how you are travelling. Roughly fifteen minutes after you arrive at your destination, the journey will appear in the timeline of the Way2Go App, although this can sometimes take 30-60 minutes. When it does, you will be asked to confirm the mode of transport:

You have until midnight to confirm all the trips tracked on any given day. If you don't confirm by then, they will be automatically confirmed overnight. This is because we need to award Way2Go Points for your activities and we can't do that until they are confirmed. So make sure you take a few seconds to confirm your trips every day you travel to Heathrow. If you glance at the app and all the trips are correct, you don't need to do anything.

Want to know more?

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