10 September 2021

Welcome to the Liftshare/Betterpoints partner integration. Please make sure your BetterPoints automatic tracking is enabled. You can view this under the play menu on our app.

1. If you haven't already, please sign up to The Better Points Test Liftshare community here:

2. Create a secure password in the first box and then enter the community password in the second box: BP2020

3. Once this is finished, please download the Liftshare Companion App and sign in. You can then connect your BetterPoints account on your liftshare homepage by tapping on 'BetterPoints' and linking the credentials for your BetterPoints account.

4. Once you've linked your accounts, every auto-detected car journey within 20 minutes of authentication on the liftshare app will be validated as a Liftshare journey and will earn 50 BetterPoints, up to 4 times per day! Please note that automatically tracked journeys validate overnight, so you will see your BetterPoints points balance increase the next morning at 9am. If you wish to manually confirm your activities you can do so as well, the BetterPoints app will send through a push message when there are activities waiting for confirmation.
Happy liftsharing!